2nd October

Yesterday was a very interesting day. It was shashti on one hand and it was 2nd October on the other. This was I feel the 40th time that I saw Attenborough’s Gandhi. And without fail it fascinated me once more.
But at times these days I feel that Gandhiji doesn’t fascinate me anymore. I somehow can feel Gandhiji. The magnanimity of Mahatma is not limited to leading a country alone towards political freedom.
He became a Mahatma because his activism was on different levels. Here was a person who fought against an imperial power, more difficult was that he fought against the society also where he was living in, more difficult was he was fighting amongst complex emotions within his family, more difficult was he was fighting as a General of 350 crore people who were not uniform, diverse in the most extensive sense, laden with the most archaic social structures, and the most difficult part was that Gandhiji was challenging the imulsive apparent of society.
His was not advocating  passive resistence. His was the most courageous where the weapon was conscience and the goal was conscience.
So when for me it tantamounts to feel Gandhiji, it is painful. Very painful.
Because I see the method Gandhiji prescribed is very simple and extremely difficult. My ordinary-ness blocks me from fully realizing Gandhiji.
If I ever can….

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